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Kyoshi Adrian Delia he/him

Kyoshi Adrian Delia he/him is a fully qualified 6th Dan Black Belt Karate Instructor with 34 years of Goju karate experience and 30 years of teaching experience. He is an NCAS Level 1 Coach (Nationally Recognised Coach, accredited by the AKF), and has his Level 2 First Aid. He is also recognised as a certified coach by the MAIA (Martial Arts Industry Australia) and is also recognised and certified by Coach Check.


Kyoshi Adrian is praised for his high level of motivational, communication and technical skills in 'Karate', 'Arnis', and 'Ground Awareness', whilst creating a fun and exciting class environment for all to enjoy.


Over years of practice Kyoshi Adrian has instructed many students to the Black Belt, and higher levels, and has also trained many State and National Champions. Whilst training self-defence strategies and techniques, Kyoshi also motivates our clients to aspire to greater accomplishments in their everyday lives.

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Martial Arts Therapy Methodology

Method of therapy

Martial arts can help reduce stress and anxiety by encouraging the practice of deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. It helps in training the mind to keep the attention focused while remaining calm and alert. Through constant meditation and mental exercise, practitioners are given the ability to clear their mind as they reach a zen-like state required for maximizing performance.


Training martial arts is an excellent full-body workout that triggers the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphin (feel good hormone) helps regulate emotions and is responsible for the 'Zen' feeling after an intense workout. Training also improves blood flow throughout the body, meaning the organs and tissues get all the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay in an optimal state. It strengthens both muscles and cardiovascular system that allows enhancing physical performance capacity.

Furthermore, martial arts therapy combats stress, giving participants a safe space to express intense emotions in a controlled way. This allows the brain to respond more cognitively in times of stress (fight, flight, freeze). Mind-body techniques can be helpful for many physical conditions as they encourage relaxation, improve coping skills, and reduce tension and pain. 

In our Mind and Body program, Chief Instructor of Northern Goju Karate collaborates with our clinical therapist to set and help achieving developmental or recovery goals for clients.  Our practice focus may include:


  • improving physical health (reduced muscle tension, utilised Pent-Up Energy, improved breathing

  • destructive therapy (release of anger and frustration in a safe and therapeutic space)

  • improving focus and physical balance

  • visualization

  • improving self-steam

  • collaborative workout/play 

  • improved community participation

Martial Arts Therapy Wonderful Mind Melbourne
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