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Unleash Creativity & Heal Through Art

Melbourne Art Therapy


Welcome to Wonderful Mind, NDIA accredited provider offering Art Therapy in Melbourne. Aspires to uplift the spirit, holds minds, and stir emotions through creative healing. Here, we see art not just as a medium of expression but as a pathway to wellness and understanding.

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Art Therapy Services

With a strong commitment to providing a range of high-quality therapeutic services, our art therapy NDIS Melbourne program ticks all the boxes. Art therapy is an innovative tool facilitating emotional expression, enabling individuals to explore their feelings, reconcile internal conflicts, and foster self-awareness.

Our art therapy services don't work solely on an individual level. We bring people together with group art therapy sessions right here in Melbourne, promoting social inclusion and building community support. Synergising individual growth along with communicative development strengthens the therapeutic effects of art therapy. Our group art therapy Melbourne sessions provide an inclusive, non-judgmental environment to grow and heal.

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Clinical Art Therapy
The Science of Art in Healing

Group Art Therapy 
Refining PeerInteraction:

Beneath the strokes and shades, art holds a wealth of clinical therapy potential. Our clinical art therapy services tap into this potential, leveraging therapeutic techniques to help our clients comprehend their thoughts and emotions better. Crafted under the guidance of qualified therapists, each session is a step towards improved mental health.


Discover clinical play and filial therapy as we continue weaving creative therapies into holistic healing.

Empower yourself through creativity transposed into healing—a journey that Wonderful Mind guides you through with compassion and expertise. Sign up for our art therapy Melbourne services today.


Clinical Arts Therapist


Clinical Arts Therapist

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Clinical Arts Therapist

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