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Music Therapy at Wonderful Mind
Harmonise Your Mind

We blend the art of melody with the power of healing, striking a balance that illuminates the strength within you, ready to shine

Our music therapy services focus on the therapeutic properties of music, recognised for their ability to communicate emotions, alleviate stress, and promote personal growth. You'll discover melodies morphing into mediums of expression, harmony into aids in healing, and rhythms into regulators of internal peace.

The Healing Chords 
Music Therapy &Counselling

As an approved National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, our music therapy, based in Melbourne's northern suburbs, caters to both NDIS participants and the broader Doreen community.


Acknowledging everyone’s right to wellness, we have integrated music’s enchanting charm into our professional therapy services, producing an environment conducive to balanced emotional and cognitive functioning.

Guided Harmony
 Music Therapy | NDIS | Melbourne

It is your choice if you pick the theme tune to Bluey or Beethoven’s fifth symphony! And you certainly don't need to be "musical" or have a background in music to capture the benefits of Music Therapy. The main goals of Music Therapy are actually not musical! You may wish to improve fine motor skills, or develop your communication skills. You may wish to strengthen your somatic connection to your body. Some people may not be familiar with strongly harmonic or melodic music, or may be more interested in sensory exploration of sound. 


The added benefits come from musical participation, and how the connect with the rhythm, or explore the textures of sound, and sensory modulation. In a Music therapy session, clients would have a safe space to explore their preferences, while affirming their unique personal, social and cultural relationships with music.


We understand that music can evoke strong emotional responses, and we want to work with and harness that. Leveraging these emotions can be a catalyst for therapeutic process

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We understand music therapy as both an art and a science, and are informed by psychotherapeutic, trauma-informed, neurobiological and sociological research and theory. We aim to support your therapeutic exploration of music within the safety of an attuned and warm therapeutic relationship, where you feel deeply heard and celebrated.

Music Therapy is more than just a passive listening experience—it's an interactive process enabling the expression and understanding of personal feelings. Research has shown that music therapy can improve speech, communication and social skills, especially for those with an autism or developmental diagnosis.


Some of the benefits are :

  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Improve physical speech function

  • Increase social communication skills

  • Increase social interaction

  • Increase independence

  • Give positive and new ways to deal with situations

We also know that Music Therapy creates dynamic interactions between different brain regions and in the therapeutic context, fosters social and emotional aspects, including heightened awareness and responsiveness to others during the musical experience.

At Wonderful Mind, Music therapy is facilitated by Registered Music Therapists

A Registered Music Therapist (RMT) is a music therapist who is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA). To be eligible to register with AMTA, a Registered Music Therapist needs to complete a certified university course in music therapy and maintain their skills through ongoing professional development as approved by the AMTA.

Currently in Australia, music therapy training is at a Master's level. To enter the Master's course, students must have completed an undergraduate degree in music or a related health profession with demonstrated high level musical skills.


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Clinical Music Therapist

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Clinical Music Therapist


Creative Art Therapist

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