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Kylie Parker Wonderful Mind Therapy and Counselling

Kylie Parker she/her

Kylie is a trauma informed educator with specialised in working with adults and children with special needs. She is passionate about supporting her clients to build confidence and to achieve their goals. Kylie is a qualified teacher and Equine Assisted Learning educator with years of experience in supporting people of all ages to recognise their emotions, regulate their feelings, build life skills, achieve academic and learning goals.

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Method of therapy

Horses are special creatures. They are majestic, strong, and can display a broad range of emotions. The relationship between humans and horses is one that has been sustained for over 6,000 years.  More recently, these gentle giants have become key participants in the animal-assisted therapy to improve the mental health of many people around the world.

Equine-assisted therapy is an umbrella term that includes several therapeutic activities involving horses.

Kylie facilitates the Equine Wisdom Program which supports a wide range of learnings for children and adults. This is a wonderful program that focuses on building life skills capacities and it addresses social and emotional challenges that we face as an individual. Throughout this program  Kylie will assist her clients to learn how to connect with the horse, caring for them, and to build trusting relationships. This therapeutic approach to psychotherapy may assist to creating awareness around


  • Emotional regulation

  • Boundaries

  • Improved communication skills

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Helpful Thinking and Talking

  • Feelings as Natural

  • Facing Life's Challenges

  • Building trust and confidence

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Building resilience

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