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Eva Popov She/her

Eva is a passionate and dedicated Creative Arts Therapist with a focus on pediatric music therapy. Her journey in mental health and educational settings has been multifaceted, allowing her to explore various art forms. Eva’s commitment to holistic well-being shines through her work with diverse groups and individual clients. Eva holds Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Creative Arts therapy from Melbourne Institute of Experiential Creative Arts Therapy.

Approach to Therapy


Pediatric Music Therapy: Eva’s heart lies in using music as a powerful healing tool for children. She tailors sessions to meet each child’s unique needs, fostering emotional expression, communication, and growth.


Group Empowerment: Eva facilitates dynamic group sessions that encourage connection and creativity. Through music, art, and movement, participants discover their strengths and find joy in shared experiences.


Individualized Care: Whether online or face-to-face, Eva provides personalized attention. She listens deeply, adapting her approach to suit the individual’s preferences and challenges.


Enhancing Well-Being: Eva believes in the transformative power of creativity. Her sessions promote well-being by tapping into participants’ innate creativity and fostering self-discovery.

Trauma-Informed Practice: Eva stays informed about evidence-based frameworks. She ensures her therapeutic practice is trauma-informed, creating a safe space for healing.

Neuro-Affirming Approach: Eva recognizes the brain’s capacity for growth and change. Her interventions align with neuroscientific principles, supporting positive neural pathways.


Eva’s dedication to ongoing professional development reflects her commitment to providing the best care for her clients. She believes that healing happens when creativity and connection intersect, and she continues to explore innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of those she serves. 

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