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Caitlyn Pascoe (she/her)

Caitlyn has a passion for understanding and treating mental health, and promoting a positive outlook on life. Caitlyn has completed her honors degree in psychological science at La Trobe University and is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology at ISN Psychology. Caitlyn is actively engaged in exploring the world of cognition, emotional-wellbeing, and human behaviour. 

With compassion, empathy, and commitment Caitlyn has supported many individuals who suffer from mental health challenges and disability. She has delivered mental health care to NDIS participants and has supported them through their recovery journey. 

In the workplace, Caitlyn utilises skills from both her academic and occupational experiences, and uses them to provide holistic support, with commitment to maintaining ethical practice. 

Aside from work and study, Caitlyn is a proud athlete and has competed in calisthenics competitions as dancer ever since she was 5 years old. She has also volunteered as an assistant coach, where she worked with children aged 7-14 to prepare physically, and emotionally, for competitions. This experience has taught her many skills, including confidence, resilience and anxiety coping strategies."

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Approach to Therapy

Cailtyn specializes in providing a safe and supportive space for children and adolescents to explore their thoughts and feelings. She uses evidence-based approaches and works collaboratively with young clients to develop personalized strategies for growth and healing.

Helping Them Thrive:

Cailtyn drags from approaches such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), phenological, and client centered apprach to therapy to help children identify and manage unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors. Through CBT, she equips them with practical tools to overcome challenges and build resilience.


Tailored Approach:

Cailtyn tailors her therapy to address specific needs, such as behavioral concerns, academic struggles, or emotional difficulties. She creates a nurturing environment where young clients feel comfortable expressing themselves and can thrive.

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